Anti-migrant rally turns violent outside NYC Mayor's Gracie Mansion

Trump supporters and counter-protesters clashed outside of the Gracie Mansion, which is the home of the mayor of New York City, after around one hundred thousand individuals from the southern border flooded the five boroughs.

To accommodate the 100,000 people who have crossed the border into the city from other states, Mayor Eric Adams has erected more than 200 shelters across the five boroughs.

Fights broke out between Trump fans and pro-migrant protesters outside of his home on the Upper East Side, and punches were thrown.

Curtis Sliwa, a former mayoral candidate in New York City and the founder of Guardian Angels, was one of the primary speakers at the rally and also one of the many people who were jailed there.

A violent brawl broke out between demonstrators on opposing sides on Sunday afternoon in front of Gracie Mansion during a demonstration that was held in response to New York City's response to the immigration issue.

Curtis Sliwa, a former mayoral candidate in New York City and the founder of Guardian Angels, was one of the primary speakers at the demonstration and one of the many people who were arrested as Trump fans and pro-migrant protestors battled and threw fists at each other. Sliwa was also one of the protesters who was arrested.

Roughly fifty percent of the one hundred persons who gathered were chanting slogans that demanded the closure of the shelters and the expulsion of the migrants, while the other fifty percent were counter-protesters who also denounced the 'white supremacist NYPD.'

Sliwa spoke out against his previous opponent, Democrat Mayor Eric Adams, who has created over 200 shelters across the five boroughs in an effort to house the 100,000 people who have arrived in New York City from the southern border. Sliwa's comments were directed toward Adams's decision to open these shelters. Adams is the incumbent.

Sliwa claimed that the migrants in question had skipped ahead in line. "If I were a migrant, and you gave me the opportunity to jump the queue and stay in a hotel, give me three square meals... basically give me more than homeless people born in America have or veterans who are down on their luck have, you're damn right they're going to keep coming," the speaker said. "If I were a migrant, and you gave me the opportunity to jump the queue and stay in a hotel, give me three square meals," the speaker said.

On Sunday, people demonstrating against and in support of New York City's response to the migrant crisis got into a physical altercation in front of Gracie Mansion, which resulted in injuries to protestors on both sides.

This week, Sliwa was detained for the second time after leading a protest against bringing shelters to Staten Island. Sliwa has been a long-time presence in New York media and politics since his formation of the 'unarmed crime prevention' organization.

At a demonstration held in a psychiatric center in Queens that was shut down two weeks earlier, he was also taken into custody. According to what he said in a Sunday interview with the New York Post, this was his eightieth arrest.

After being freed late on Sunday evening, Sliwa provided his account of the incident to He stated that he holds Antifa and the NYPD equally responsible for the incident because neither was able to control the left-wing extremists.

He stated, "I had pre-warned the police, and I'd gone into the local precinct." "Listen, Antifa will be there, and they're going to launch an assault; meanwhile, we're going to have senior citizens present." You have the option of taking care of it yourself, or we can handle it for you.'

It is obvious that they did not. People are allowed to scream at one another, yell at one another, and do everything else they want to one another, but they are not allowed to physically harm one another. When they started making physical attacks, our group had no choice but to stop what we were doing and protect ourselves.

Sliwa was released on Sunday evening and spoke to about the incident, which he blames on both Antifa and the New York Police Department for failing to control the left-wing extremists.

Sliwa asserts that two elderly people, both 81 years old, were arrested alongside him. According to Sliwa, these elderly people were treated in the same manner as former President Donald Trump and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

An anti-migrant protester and a counter-protester engage into a physical altercation during the demonstration.

Sliwa went on to say that one of the two old women who were taken into custody was a lady by the name of Colletta. Colletta had moved to the United States from Casablanca herself.

He alleges that two elderly persons, both 81 years old, were detained alongside him and, according to Sliwa, were treated like former President Donald Trump and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani by being fingerprinted and photographed for a desk appearance ticket. He believes that these elderly folks were treated like Trump and Giuliani when they were arrested.

According to Sliwa he intends to compete for mayor once more in 2025, "nobody is opposed to immigration, as long as it was done the right way." "A significant number of those traveling with us were immigrants themselves."

Sliwa was ruthless in his criticism of Adams, whom he said has shown himself unable to deal with a problem that he welcomed to New York City. Sliwa wanted to make it clear that the people who were there with him were separate from both Antifa and 'Trumpsters'.

"He asked for this immigration problem, he goaded Abbott," he stated at the time. "But in the last few months he has been saying "No mas, No mas," and he has no plan, other than to try and ship their problem to become everybody else's problem in the state of New York."

The founder of Guardian Angels has proposed an alternative solution that would involve using Riker's Island to provide undocumented immigrants with a transition time of six months before telling them to find their own way.

He stated that there were vacant buildings, a large amount of land, a bridge that allowed them to enter and exit the island, and that they remained there for a period of six months.

At the beginning of August, politicians in New York revealed their intention to shelter at least eighty recently arrived refugees in McCarren Park in Brooklyn.

The community makes its home in temporary quarters within the recreation center of the park. Residents of the wealthy and ultra-liberal Williamsburg area use the recreation center due to its swimming pool and fitness center.

According to a joint statement issued by the local representatives, the presence of the new residents will not have any effect on the recreation center's facilities.

In addition, Adams has investigated housing migrants in Central Park and has made use of Randall's Island. These migrants were spotted sleeping in the hundreds on the sidewalks outside the Roosevelt hotel in Manhattan.

Recently, the Mayor's Office issued a warning that all of New York's migrant shelters are currently at capacity, and officials have stated that they are taking steps to discourage migrants who have already crossed the southern border from traveling to the Big Apple.