This year, border patrol agents in the United States and Canada have captured an astounding 6,100 migrants hailing from 76 different nations; this is more than in the previous 10 years combined.

Wednesday was the day that Swanton Sector chief Robert Garcia first raised the alarm about the rise.

In the entire year of 2020, the region had approximately 1,000 apprehensions, while in 2021 there were just 365.

The borders of New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont are all within the jurisdiction of the Swanton Sector.

Smugglers of migrants are "becoming desperate," as they shoot at border patrol agents while donning body armor.

During this time of crisis, human traffickers are using social media to advertise simple border crossings.

Despite the absence of precipitation, floodgates in Arizona remain open, making it easier for migrants to cross the border.

While I was being held by US Customs, Delta misplaced my dog. I was deported as a result.

Trump supporters and counter-protesters clashed outside of the Gracie Mansion, which is the home of the mayor of New York City, after around one hundred thousand individuals from the southern border flooded the five boroughs.

To accommodate the 100,000 people who have crossed the border into the city from other states, Mayor Eric Adams has erected more than 200 shelters across the five boroughs.

Fights broke out between Trump fans and pro-migrant protesters outside of his home on the Upper East Side, and punches were thrown.