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The prosecutor assigned to the investigation against Hunter Biden has stated that he wasn't the "deciding person" on whether or not to charge the president's son, and the "Main DOJ" has denied his request for special counsel status in Washington, DC: Disclosure of explosive notes by an IRS agent raises even more doubts about the investigation.

In October of 2022, Shapley made the following entry in the notebook: "Weiss stated that he is not the deciding person."

The evidence that the GOP intends to use against Joe Biden has been revealed, coinciding with the initiation of an impeachment investigation into the President's ties to his son Hunter's questionable business transactions.

Thursday is the date that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has set for a gathering of top Republicans to arrange a vote on whether or not President Joe Biden should be impeached.

On Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy made the announcement regarding the investigation into the claims of corruption.

The letter was written by Ian Sams, who is a senior advisor to the White House Counsel's Office in addition to being a special assistant to the President.

Sams said that it was time for the media to step up their investigation of House Republicans for initiating an impeachment inquiry based on lies, and he urged the media to do so.

Gavin Newsom says he will not be running for president in 2024. The Democrat believes Kamala is 'set up' to replace Biden, 80, if he quits out of race and begs donors to stop 'wallowing' over negative polls and get behind Joe Biden. Biden has been in the race for the Democratic nomination for vice president since 1984.

According to statements made by Newsom to NBC News, "President Biden is going to run," and "looking forward to getting him reelected."

Additionally, he stated that he could not even fathom running against Kamala Harris.