The prosecutor assigned to the investigation against Hunter Biden has stated that he wasn't the "deciding person" on whether or not to charge the president's son, and the "Main DOJ" has denied his request for special counsel status in Washington, DC: Disclosure of explosive notes by an IRS agent raises even more doubts about the investigation.

In October of 2022, Shapley made the following entry in the notebook: "Weiss stated that he is not the deciding person."

The evidence that the GOP intends to use against Joe Biden has been revealed, coinciding with the initiation of an impeachment investigation into the President's ties to his son Hunter's questionable business transactions.

Thursday is the date that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has set for a gathering of top Republicans to arrange a vote on whether or not President Joe Biden should be impeached.

Bill Maher believes that the topic of Chicago's high crime rate, which he describes as "young black men killing other young black men," is not discussed nearly enough.

Bill Maher, a host on HBO, was curious as to why more people, even celebrities, aren't speaking out about the horrific crime wave that has engulfed Chicago and resulted in a large number of senseless fatalities.