It has been announced that Nancy Pelosi will be running for re-election.

On Friday, the Democrat from San Francisco who made history by becoming the first female speaker of the House announced to volunteers that she would run for reelection in 2024. This would prolong her career in the House to a total of 36 years and put her potential California successors in an indefinite holding pattern.

Patrick Brown, a climate scientist who worked as a whistleblower, has revealed how the media's fixation on the issue of global warming has manipulated the truth concerning wildfires. 80 percent are caused by human activity.

A scientist who studies climate change has asserted that the most prestigious academic publications in the world reject papers that do not'support particular narratives' regarding the issue and instead promote 'distorted' research that exaggerates the risks rather than focusing on potential solutions.

Smugglers of migrants are "becoming desperate," as they shoot at border patrol agents while donning body armor.

During this time of crisis, human traffickers are using social media to advertise simple border crossings.

Despite the absence of precipitation, floodgates in Arizona remain open, making it easier for migrants to cross the border.

While I was being held by US Customs, Delta misplaced my dog. I was deported as a result.

The data from the CDC reveal that the virus is not responsible for 99% of the "Covid deaths."

Covid was the leading cause of mortality in only 1.7% of viral deaths for the week ending August 19.

At the height of the pandemic, thirty percent of deaths from the virus were attributed to Covid as the principal cause.

According to the official data, the 'Covid deaths' that are reported by the CDC each week are not principally caused by the virus in nearly 99 percent of the cases.

The trial of Donald Trump in Washington, DC, is scheduled to begin on March 4, 2024, one day before Super Tuesday.

While the former president's legal team criticizes the proceeding as a "show trial," Judge Chutkan has revealed that the former president will be tried in the January 6 case BEFORE the election.

The prosecution requested that the trial begin on January 2; Team Trump suggested the year 2026.

John Lauro, a lawyer for Donald Trump, called the proceedings a "show trial."

The date was set by Judge Chutkan at seven months after the indictment.

A Wuhan-educated physics PhD student named Tailei Qi has been identified as a person of interest in the North Carolina university massacre, and police are searching for a "armed and dangerous" suspect on campus with a gun on the VERY FIRST DAY that students returned to school.

Wuhan University was Tailei Qi's former place of education. She has been named as a person of interest in connection with the alleged shooting.

An alert was issued by the authorities due to the presence of a "armed and dangerous person" in the area surrounding the school.

Trump supporters and counter-protesters clashed outside of the Gracie Mansion, which is the home of the mayor of New York City, after around one hundred thousand individuals from the southern border flooded the five boroughs.

To accommodate the 100,000 people who have crossed the border into the city from other states, Mayor Eric Adams has erected more than 200 shelters across the five boroughs.

Fights broke out between Trump fans and pro-migrant protesters outside of his home on the Upper East Side, and punches were thrown.