Talks are the only way to put a stop to the militant activity in Jammu and Kashmir

Former Minister of the Union Farooq Abdullah stated that both India and Pakistan need to come to the table in order to undertake discussions in order to find a solution to their dispute.

On Wednesday, Farooq Abdullah, who served as the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, stated that militancy in the union territory will not cease unless India and Pakistan engage in discussion to find a long-term solution to all of the region's disputes.

"There will continue to be run-ins with people. It would be inaccurate to suggest that militancy has come to an end. "These things happened yesterday and are happening today.. these will keep on happening until both countries come to the table for holding talks to find a solution," Abdullah was cited as having stated by PTI. Abdullah was referring to the fact that both countries have yet to come to the table for holding negotiations to find a solution.

In response to a question on the removal of an extra levy on the import of apples, walnuts, and almonds from the United States, Abdullah stated that there are fears that the move would lead to a decrease in the cost of locally produced goods.

"There is cause for fear that the fruit sector in the states of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand would be negatively impacted. According to what he was reported as saying, the farmers are concerned that the prices of local produce may decline, causing them to incur losses. These farmers have spent a significant amount of money.

"I am writing to suggest that the government take attention to this matter so that the farmers are not forced into a disadvantaged position. According to the story, he was quoted as saying that "if they suffer losses, it will not be good for the country."

The former Minister of the Union has declined to comment on the topics that will be discussed at the meeting of the coordination committee for the INDIA grouping of opposition parties that will take place in the nation's capital on Wednesday.

"On behalf of the National Conference, Omar Abdullah has traveled to attend the meeting that was scheduled. According to the report, he stated that following the meeting, attendees will be informed of the decisions made.

On Thursday, the President of the National Conference, Farooq Abdullah, stated that India and Pakistan have to begin negotiations in order to restore peace at ground zero in Jammu and Kashmir.

This statement was made by Abdullah to the media after he had visited the home of Himayun Muzamil Bhat, the Deputy Superintendent of Police of the J&K Police. Bhat was one of three people who were killed in a firefight on Wednesday in Anantnag district. The other two were decorated Army officers.

An incident that took place at Kokernag resulted in the deaths of three members of the security forces: a colonel, a major, and a deputy superintendent of police. This is a terrible loss for their families and for the nation, as Abdullah stated.

He said that India and Pakistan should communicate with one another in order to settle their differences.

"Ever since India gained its independence in 1947, the riots have been going on, and it is necessary to find a solution to it," he added. "It is necessary to find a solution to it."

When it was suggested to Abdullah that the federal government, instead of talking to Pakistan, should emphasize that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir needs to be liberated, he responded by saying, "Let them bring it; who is Farooq Abdullah to stop them?" If they believe it would bring about a positive change in the situation, then they should go ahead and try it.

According to Abdullah, a member of parliament, fighting never resolves conflicts. Despite the fact that India and Pakistan have fought four wars against each other, boundaries still exist between the two countries.

"Peace has never been achieved by warfare. Conversations are the only way to bring peace back into the world. "As you can see, the war has wreaked havoc on Ukraine," he explained.

According to what he indicated, similar instances would continue to take place until and until both countries begin talks.

He continued by saying, "We are fools if we think these incidents will come to an end unless dialogue between the two countries takes place," and I quote: "We are fools to think that."

When Abdullah was asked if there were rumors that Pakistan was sending terrorists from Nepal and Punjab to Jammu and Kashmir, he responded by saying, "Neither I am in intelligence nor am I in government." I am unable to respond. where they have been or where they are going. However, they will already have the necessary training. He expressed his concern that the individuals in question may be citizens of another nation.

According to him, confrontations still place on a regular basis in Jammu and Kashmir, despite the government's assurances that militant activity has been eradicated.

Tell me, has the militant activity subsided in this area? Farooq stated that unless a solution is discovered that may bring peace, this conflict would never be resolved.