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Because of the excessive radiation levels, France issues an order to Apple to prohibit sales of the iPhone 12.

On Tuesday, French authorities gave Apple an order to stop selling the iPhone 12 because it emits an unsafe level of electromagnetic radiation and demanded that the company update its current devices.

According to the French organization that is in charge of regulating radio frequencies, which is called the ANFR, tests revealed that the model generates more electromagnetic radiation that are able to be absorbed by the body than is authorized.

One year after increasing the costs of its enterprise and professional editions of its game engine, Unity implemented a new fee structure for smaller developers that exceed certain benchmarks for income and installs.

Any game that has surpassed a revenue and lifetime install threshold in the previous 12 months will be subject to a Unity Runtime Fee beginning January 1, 2024. This fee will be charged by Unity. In a typical scenario, the use of Unity Personal is completely free, whereas subscribers to Unity Pro must pay $399 per seat.

Hurricane Lee is expected to make a direct hit on the East Coast, and cities like New York and Boston are taking precautions in advance of the storm.

According to a statement issued by the National Hurricane Center on Thursday evening, Hurricane Lee "continues to strengthen at an exceptional rate."

The first hurricane of 2017 Atlantic storm season was a Category 5 storm, and it was located approximately 705 miles east of the northern Leeward Islands on Thursday night.

Patrick Brown, a climate scientist who worked as a whistleblower, has revealed how the media's fixation on the issue of global warming has manipulated the truth concerning wildfires. 80 percent are caused by human activity.

A scientist who studies climate change has asserted that the most prestigious academic publications in the world reject papers that do not'support particular narratives' regarding the issue and instead promote 'distorted' research that exaggerates the risks rather than focusing on potential solutions.